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Two out of the twenty-six chicken eggs hatched today! More little peeps are on the way. The children have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of our feathered friends. They will be surprised tomorrow morning … a wonderful start to a new week! – Ms. Somers


Early Spring

What better way to celebrate this early spring than gardening? Students harvested cabbage and other tasty greens and made a delicious salad for all to enjoy. An early spring garden was planted with more cabbage, broccoli, radishes, turnips, carrots, and lots of greens. Beautiful pansies were added for a touch of color.


“Fairy Town”

Many years ago, imaginative Morgan Academy students created a magical world called “Fairy Town.” In this mystical village, one will see homes, hospitals, stores, and financial institutions for the fairy folk of Morgan Academy. Today, as part of our gardening program, students and parents built new fairy houses and fairy vehicles. Much fun was had […]


Mardi Gras!

It’s Fat Tuesday, and we celebrated the Morgan Academy way! During morning circle, Ms. Somers taught a great lesson on the origins, history, and traditions of Mardi Gras. At lunchtime, we celebrated with beads, music, candy, silly clothes, masks, and Ms. Gracie’s magnificent King Cake! We all anxiously waited until everyone had a piece of […]

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Building a Bog

Exciting science news! Morgan Academy students built a carnivorous bog. The fifty gallon bog houses pitcher plants, Venus fly-traps, African violets, and a variety of mosses. Students participated in creating the different levels of soil, discussed the importance of the water cycle, and explored the features of the ecosystem.