Morgan Academy K-8 Schoolhouse

Our main K-8 Schoolhouse is the beating heart of Morgan Academy. Core academic classes are kept to a 12 student limit, affording each child maximized teacher time, individual communication and advisement, and attentive small group instruction.

In addition to core science, social studies, math, language arts, and physical education instruction, students have weekly enrichment classes that include organic gardening, art, Spanish and cultural studies, and music appreciation. Regular guest speakers—from state legislature representatives to social justice advocates to community leaders—engage students in on-campus programs and regularly scheduled field trips offer students hands-on co-curricular experiences in our diverse, mid-Atlantic region.

Our Honor Code stresses a high standard of personal responsibility and ethical behavior, with students practicing empathy, patience, and self-discipline day-in and day-out. MA encourages self-expression governed by a consideration of others, healthy structure, and academic rigor. Supporting different styles of learning and helping to build genuine self-esteem in each child—with both affirmation and accountability—are a focus of all MA faculty.

K-8 is a crucial time for children to learn to collaborate and to begin developing independence. No two students are alike. It’s the responsibility of our school and every school to recognize this and celebrate each child.