Our Strategic Plan—A Transformative Decade 2020 – 2030

In the coming months, Morgan Academy will define the rationales and action steps for each of its five strategic goals described below.

1. School Expansion: Morgan Academy will promote healthy, measured growth — offering students small class sizes, alternative assessments, and expert faculty.

2. Operational Strength: Morgan Academy will ensure the necessary financial support, philanthropic resources, and public profile for Morgan Academy to become the destination independent school in Jefferson County for a creative, ethical, and community-based education.

3. Diversity and Educational Excellence: Diversity takes many forms, from conceptions of identity to learning differences to social perspectives to service mindsets and local-global orientation. Morgan Academy will strengthen both programs and the cultural proficiency of our faculty, staff, students, and advisors to nourish educational excellence for each child.

4. Administrative and Faculty Reinforcement: As Morgan Academy’s enrollment has grown and continues to grow, its human resources must keep pace with this growth. Morgan Academy will proportionately expand its professional and support staff, as well as faculty while educating its community on the critical roles that must be in place and abundant, critical tasks that must be accomplished to sustain growth.

5. Campus Improvements: Morgan Academy will work to maintain and expand its on-campus physical structures to accommodate its growth and the needs of its vibrant indoor and outdoor educational programming. This maintenance and expansion may include building necessary structures, acquiring appropriate transport vehicles for curricular activities, and exploring real estate options.