Meet our Faculty and Staff

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” — Cesar Chavez

Committed Educators, Motivated Students, Enthusiastic Families

At Morgan Academy, we’re a team. We’re a community that’s in this together, working toward the same, singular goal of exceptional student learning. As teachers, a key part of our job is to know every student and to find ways to instill in each a love for community and the natural environment, a love for knowledge and creativity—all harnessed to do good in the world.

Let’s Meet the Educators

Bernardine Somers, Founder & Head of School

Bernardine Somers, Founder & Head of School

In 2016, Ms. Somers and Morgan Academy friends, families, community leaders, and faculty inaugurated the new Shepherdstown schoolhouse and campus!

Meet the Preschool Teachers

2021-22 Preschool teachers are:

Ms. Annie: Lead Preschool Teacher

Ms. Amy: Preschool Teacher

Meet the Schoolhouse Teachers

2021-22 Schoolhouse teachers are:

Ms. Misty: Lead Teacher and Reading /Language Arts

Mr. Kevin: Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Scott: Elementary Science and History

Ms. Val: Middle School Science

Senora Zoe: Elementary Spanish

Mr. Jordan: Middle School Spanish

Ms. Adrianne: Art

Mr. Derek: Physical Education and Health and Wellness

Ms. Somers: Math

Ms. Lori: Gardening

Ms. Annie: Reading Specialist for K-8

Meet the High School Educators

2021-22 High School Teachers are:

Ms. Val: Lead Teacher and Science

Mr. Robert: History and Civics

Ms. Somers: Math

Mr. Jordan: Spanish

Ms. Adrianne: Art

Meet our Supporting Staff

2021-22 Support Staff

Ms. Lori: Operations Manager

Ms. Shana: Administrative Assistant to Ms. Somers

Karyn Granrud: IT Team

Tara Salmeiry: Finance Manager

Our Motivated Students Help Each Other Learn. In Our 15 Years of Operation, 100% of Our Graduates Have Matriculated to College –

We design our curriculum and programs so that students can learn to value and respect each other deeply. Everyday, the importance of kindness, honesty, and genuine collaboration is reinforced. When students learn to balance independent initiative with working together effectively and with joy, their academic success improves as does their sense of personal achievement and fulfillment. The melding of independent thinking with teamwork serves each individual as they grow into responsible adults.

Our Enthusiastic Families Define Community and Make All the Difference

From serving on the Board of Advisors, to designing and building intentional physical education and play spaces outdoors, to upgrading IT infrastructure and software, to participating in school functions, extracurriculars, and field trips, Morgan Academy families and friends pitch in and make our school a warm, special place. Family involvement and strong communication are key in a holistic education for each child. Our families are our partners, appreciated deeply for all their important contributions to our community, heard and valued for their input in important, educational conversations.