Our Ecosystems

A teaching farm practicum. A trail system with two springs, a wetland, and a mixed mesophytic wood. A 4000 sq. ft. garden mathematically and botanically planned, planted, and maintained by our students (with a little help from our faculty and staff). Environmental stewardship has been a pillar of Morgan Academy’s educational program from the start. Our Shepherdstown schoolhouse campus provides daily, hands-on curricular opportunities in these ecosystems across all pods and courses. Students apply scientific, mathematical, agricultural, artistic, poetic, and social studies principles and concepts in experiential learning in nature and on our farm. Learning to respect plants, animals, healthy food sourcing, and the Earth not only grows compassion in kids, but also resilience and lifelong, practical skill sets.

Students have regular observation labs outside, where they record, over specified time intervals, particular kinds of growth, movement, and changes in ecosystem markers. From their empirical study, they learn about standardized measurements, the nature of experiment, erosion, and the development of organisms, among many other things.