Why Morgan Academy?

Our Mission: Morgan Academy’s schoolhouse concept nourishes individualized learning, creative thinking, collaboration, and environmental stewardship. In an inclusive community, we empower lifelong, ethical learners who do good work in both senses: work that is high quality and work that advances a more humane, sustainable world.

A Message from Ms. Somers

Dear Students and Families,

Soaring in creativity, rooted in community—that’s what our school aspires to, in the broadest sense. It’s how we want to educate, how we want to be in the world. It’s who we are.

Student creativity is a function of emotional and intellectual freedom. It’s a self-permission, nurtured and guided by compassionate adults, for students to explore and to express, to solve problems with inventive thinking, to pursue deep knowledge and share ideas with others. At Morgan, we bind those principles to academic rigor and to community spirit. Creativity and knowledge, while uplifting in themselves, are especially powerful when used in authentic, unselfish service to others. Our job is to know every student and to find a way to instill in each a love for community and the natural environment. By helping each other to behave honorably, to collaborate, and to cultivate a generosity of spirit, we learn to do good in the world. And, rest assured, it is learning. It doesn’t happen automatically. We grow amid life’s challenges. We practice. We are dedicated to keeping the fire of curiosity and goodness blazing bright in each and every student as they become responsible, thoughtful citizens. When grounded in a loving community, truly … the sky’s the limit. 


Bernardine Somers

Founder and Head of School