An Anatomical Study! What is underneath flesh? Students observed, sketched, then painted skulls of deer, llamas, cows, pigs and groundhogs. Cool and creative happenings during Miss Emily’s art class today!

Art PicMonkey Collage

To tie in with our Renaissance studies, the wonderful Miss Emily taught the students about Michelangelo’s life and art. And just like the famous artist, students created masterpieces while lying on their backs. If he had our wonderful students to help with the Sistine Chapel, would Senor Buonarroti been less grumpy?


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wp art2



WP art


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wp art4

wp art6

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Happy Saturday!

Our very talented children finished the painting “Many Blessings” for this Sunday’s Silent Auction. The auction will benefit the Shepherdstown businesses that were robbed last week. I am so very proud of our kids. The painting depicts something from each business. Each child signed the back of the painting, and the younger children titled the masterpiece!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Auction Painting