Our School House Rocks!

The new schoolhouse is almost finished and looks fantastic! We are very excited to begin the 2016-2017 school year at the new campus!


McDowell County Book Drive

During our studies of Asia, students learned about Hinduism and Buddhism. The study of the religions lead to discussions about philanthropy. On their own initiative, the entire student body asked if they could create philanthropic projects for the community. In May of 2016, several middle school students wanted to organize a book drive. They researched communities in WV that were in need of books. Through their research, students found Good Life of Gary, WV. They contacted Good Life and began to organize a free book fair for the adults and children of the McDowell County area. I could not be prouder of our students. Hundreds of books have been collected for the book drive! These fantastic young people leave this Tuesday for a three day visit to Good Life to create a library for the community and to host a free book drive. Books will also be delivered to the homes of families that are not able to attend the book fair. Stay tuned for updates and pictures from our trip to McDowell County.